What can a workers’ compensation lawyer do for me?

That is one of the most common questions a worker has once he or she gets injured at work. Many times as an injured worker, you feel uneasy calling a lawyer because you are told that a workers’ compensation lawyer isn’t necessary in your case, or “it is not a big deal, you will get what you need” or you may be told that if you get a lawyer, the process will be too complicated for you.

But those statements are far from the truth. Calling a lawyer is going to be the best decision you ever made.

A workers’ compensation lawyer can protect all of your rights as an injured worker and it is important to call as soon as you get injured and are unable to go back to work.

A workers’ compensation lawyer’s main purpose is to inform their clients of every single benefit, resource and medical treatment they have available to them.  They probably would not get that complete information from other sources.  If you don’t seek legal advice from a workers’ compensation lawyer immediately, then you won’t know what resources or benefits you are entitled to or what benefits you are losing!

Remember, you have the right to get advice about your case and your lawyer will do his best so you can have a stress-free process.

After you have hired a workers’ compensation attorney, he will make sure you receive all your benefits, including getting paid the full amount your case is worth.  If there is a dispute as to why you haven’t gotten paid, or if you haven’t received the medical treatment you need, then he will be able to navigate through the process to get you the best results possible and resolve these issues.

You need an attorney with the experience, professionalism and the ability to get all the work done for you so you can recover emotionally and physically.

Call Abel Alvarado, attorney, at the Alvarado Law Center. We’ll be glad to help you immediately!