Knowing your rights as an injured worker is key to getting all the benefits of workers’ compensation. It is sad to say that most injured workers are not aware of their rights because they are not informed by their employers or the insurance company about their rights.  This means that, if you get injured, you might not receive the full amount of benefits you deserve. That’s why it is imperative to call a capable and trustworthy workers’ compensation lawyer in Denver, Colorado to keep you informed.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from workers’ compensation:

Wage benefits while you are disabled: these wage benefits compensate you for a portion of the income lost during the time that you are unable to work due to your injury.

Medical benefits: these are provided for any treatment and you can be treated with a doctor of your choice and get the medical attention you need until you reach maximum medical improvement.

Travel reimbursement: you must be compensated for any travel to and from your medical appointments. Also, any other unexpected expenses you may have during your travel must be reimbursed.  

Vocational rehabilitation: in case you are unable to return to your job, rehabilitation must be paid by the insurance company under certain circumstances.

Permanent total disability: If your doctor finds that you are unable to work in any capacity, you may receive benefits for life.

Permanent partial disability: Colorado workers’ compensation also pays for permanent partial disability, including scheduled impairments, whole body impairments and disfigurement.

These and other workers’ compensation benefits in Colorado may vary depending on each injured worker and his or her circumstances. But one thing is for sure – If you don’t call a reliable workers’ compensation attorney in Denver, Colorado, you are going to lose the rights and benefits you are entitled to.

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